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September 2010


October 2010

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Grandma's tips and tricks or the wisdom of old!

Let's remember dear old Granny's everydaylife tricks to make the most of everything!

Ekopedians share wise eco-tips.

From cooking to cleaning, gardening or mending :

Repair, reuse or recycle. (The 3 R's)

November 2010

square foot gardening
Allotment gardens are characterized by a concentration in one place of a few or up to several hundreds of land parcels that are assigned to individual families. In allotment gardens, the parcels are cultivated individually, contrary to other community garden types where the entire area is tended collectively by a group of people. The individual size of a parcel ranges between 200 and 400 square meters, and often the plots include a shed for tools and shelter. The individual gardeners are organized in an allotment association which leases the land from the owner who may be a public, private or ecclesiastical entity, provided that it is only used for gardening (i.e. growing vegetables, fruits and flowers), but not for residential purposes. The gardeners have to pay a small membership fee to the association, and have to abide with the corresponding constitution and by-laws. On the other hand, the membership entitles them to certain democratic rights.

December 2010

Home! Sweet home made food!
Black forest cake

End of the year festivities and ... Simple living

Make the most of last Summer's crops :

enjoy a healthy Xmas treat with the family!

Simple living can be fun too :

why not use your own preserves to make a Black Forest cake?

Learn more about voluntary simplicity!

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