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Ekopedia Project is migrating his license to Creative Commons SA.

This change is in order to facilitate content sharing with other projects like Wikipedia, and Appropedia (which are also migrating to this license).

In practice the license Free Art and the license "Creative Commons SA" are free and have no differences.

All the new changes will now be licensed under Creative Commons SA (also known as CC-BY-SA version 3.0). The detailed presentation of the license is available here.

Application for Approval

In order to change the license of the former contributions we need your approval. Please add your signature and date (Wiki code: --~~~~) below:


What is a license

A license is a legal text defining the rights and duties associated with copyright. In Ekopedia, content is the property of their respective authors. And as Ekopedia is the result of thousands of contributions from thousands of users, Ekopedia is your property.

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