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Voices of Transition is a documentary about the Transition Movement. The Transition Movement (also known as Transition Towns or Transition network) aims to equip communities for the dual challenges of climate change and peak oil.



“When you scale things up, it’s easier to get things wrong. In Permaculture you start small with yourself, make small mistakes, learn from them, and then move on” – Mike Feingold. Bristol, 2009

Climate change is a sad fact. Peak oil is another. Add economic instability to the picture and we are faced with food insecurity, probably the single most important threat to our civilization.

Voices of Transition is a film about how to take on these challenges. Positively. The issue is not only mere survival, but rather the possibility of thriving and improving our quality of life!

These “voices of Transition” tell us of a future society where our deserts will once again be living soil, where fields will be introduced into our cities, and where independence from oil will help us to live a richer, more fulfilling life.

In 2009, we began filming urban farmers, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) consumers, agronomists, forest gardeners and Permaculture teachers in France, the UK and Cuba. It is these visionary pioneers who are paving the way that will lead us to a Transition society.

Diversity, downscaling, trees and community are emerging as the keywords for this change.

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